• 2000 Sqm Factory Planning
  • 4500 Sqm Factory Planning
  • 10000 Sqm Factory Planning
  • Capacity match
  • How to achieve the expected capacity
  • Flow optimization
  • Labor optimization
  • Management optimization
  • Equipments Installation
  • Maintenance Record
  • 2000 Sqm Factory Planning

    Small tempering factory, the initial investment is about 0.6 million US.Dollars (equipments and related facilities), the staffs required is about 20 people, the product is tempered glass, factory output is 800-1,200 SQM / day

  • 4500 Sqm Factory Planning

    Medium tempering factory, “U” type logistics channel, reasonable process flow, the initial investment is about 1 million US. Dollars (equipments and facilities), the staffs required is 40-50 people, the products are tempered glass, insulated glass, factory output is 1,200-1,800 SQM/ day

  • 10000 Sqm Factory Planning

    Large tempering factory, “U” type logistics channel, reasonable process flow, the initial investment is about 2 millions US.Dollars (equipments and facilities), the staffs required is 80-100 people, the products are tempered glass, insulated glass, silk screen printing glass, laminated glass, factory output is 3,000-4,000 SQM / day

  • To make good use of all the equipments in the glass temper factory, Cutting, Edging, Tempering capacity should be matched well.
    Case 1: The cutting speed is faster than edging, so there are a lot glass waiting for edging after cutted, in this case, you should need more edging equipment to make sure the edging is not delayed before tempered.
    Case 2: The edging speed is faster than cutting, employers of edging are waiting for glass cutting. In this case, you should need more people or equipment for cutting.
    Case 3: The temper furnace not have enough glass to temper. In this case, the furnace will waste a lot of electricity. So the cutting, edging, drilling speed need increase.

  • Case: one temper factory have the equipments and labors than can make 1000 sqm tempered glass per day, now it want to increase the capacity to be 1500 sqm per day. How he should do?
    1. What other equipments needed to make the additional capacity 500 sqm?
    2. To employ more people to work?
    3. To extend the working time from 8 hours to 12 hours per day?
    4. To upgrade the old equipments to the most advanced ones?
    5. To enlarge the factory?
    We need to think of all the factors to find the most cost-effective way. Who can help you? The answer is “Singip Glass Technology Limited”.

  • 1.Before Optimization

    2.After Optimization

    We can see the two layouts of the factory before and after optimization.
    After optimization, the flow is more reasonable and smooth, and production efficiency increase 20%.

  • Labor optimization: With the help of the following equipment, it can reduce a lot of labor in glass temper factory. We have the hope that there will be one glass factory without any people to work one day in future.

    1.Robot arm

    2.Automatic loading table

    3.Rotating table

  • Glass processing ERP management system is dedicated to the customized glass temper factory, covering all the functions required for the factory production management, from the implementation of the customer quotation, receiving orders, production (including cutting, edging, drilling, washing, tempering, laminating, sandblasting, insulating, storage process and damaged patch), the finished glass delivery; on the other hand, to achieve the sales performance statistics, work piece statistics, production scheduling and production schedule query; also the corresponding customer receivables, effective management of customer debt situation and so on.

    1. Glass processing flow diagram:

    2.Network topology map

    3.Barcode with scan system:

  • Year of 2016

    SINGIP in Philippine

    We help our client install a set of sandblasting machine and a set of drilling machine in Laguna in Philippine on December 2016.

    The factory is mainly processing glass for architecture glass. It needs machines for stable and high precise performance to meet the requirement of the project. Singip have contacted him since 2015 and achieved the trust by our machines ’technology and details. Mr. Eric conducted the installation and offered a training service to workers of the factory.