• Capacity upgrade

    According to the current production management of the plant, we carry out the production capacity analysis, effectively improve the production capacity, to create a higher value for customers.

  • Factory planning

    According to the customer's investment budget, the size of the plant, glass products, we provide customers with factory planning, including the selection of equipments, reasonable factory layout, as well as related facilities, etc..

  • Equipments installation and maintenance

    We have a professional installation and maintenance service team, support the long-term stable running of the equipments.

  • Process opimization

    Glass sheet→cutting→edging→drilling→washing→tempering→insulating/-laminating→finished product

  • Equipments supply

    To provide customers with a variety of high quality glass processing equipments.

    • Cutting

    • Edging

    • Drilling

    • Washing

    • Tempered

    • Insulated

    • Laminated

    • Other

  • Consumptive materials supply

    Provide consumptive materials and accessories for the customer's equipments to ensure their long-term stable running.